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Connection and Transparency, Two Pillars of Effective Communication.

Communication is essential for interacting with associates and customers, whether a leader, manager, or employee. In 2010, John Maxwell wrote an excellent book entitled “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.” I have often used this book for Mastermind group discussions, which are collaborative sessions where individuals share their experiences, insights, and challenges. I recommend it whenever I mentor or coach anyone.

Much of today’s communications are at the surface level, with little connection between the participants, and getting to the deeper level of communications is critical for success internally and externally. For instance, in a team meeting, you could start by asking everyone how they feel about the project instead of just discussing tasks. This simple act of acknowledging emotions can deepen the connection and foster transparency.

How do you know when you are connecting?

John provides some insights here:

  1. People will go the extra mile when working with you.
  2. People will appreciate whatever you do for them without being prompted.
  3. People will be more open and trusting when talking with you,
  4. People will more frequently discuss with you.
  5. People will enjoy what they are doing more.
  6. People will be more engaged emotionally and physically.
  7. People will be energized when they are together with you.
  8. People will realize greater synergy when they work with you.
  9. People will be more accepting without reservation.

It will help to discern when you are meeting with people you are connecting with because this will ensure that your communications are received and understood. When you have connected with people, a win-win solution can be found. The influence will be felt and reacted to positively.

“It’s not enough to work hard or do a great job. To be successful, you need to learn how to communicate with others.” — John Maxwell.

“Connecting is the ability to identify with people and relate to them in a way that increases your influence with them.” — John Maxwell.

Transparency in communication is not just about being honest, concise, and straightforward. It’s about fostering trust and making your colleagues and team feel secure and valued. It’s the foundation upon which genuine connections are built.

Remember, effective communication is not just about speaking but also about active listening. Strive to communicate and connect in all your relationships. Let them feel that you are genuinely listening and responding to their needs. This will help establish trust and respect, fostering a more open and transparent environment.

Leadership Question: How do you, as a leader, empower everyone in the organization to be open, transparent, and connecting? How do you avoid focusing on secrecy, withholding information, and falsehoods, which are untrue statements, as these can hinder connection and transparency?


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